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Corporate events

Corporate receptions, openings, workshops, cocktail parties ... We undertake the catering of corporate events of all kinds, always guided by the quality of materials, professionalism and harmony of tastes. 



Trust us to enrich your conference with the best flavors, thus offering participants a pleasant break. We adapt the menu to the needs of each conference to have the best result for your event. 



We provide menus of high quality and excellent taste to organize an unforgettable reception. For any important event, we help you take off your fun and appetite with exquisite flavors that will satisfy all tastes!

What we do

Premium catering services

The people of Darling On Wheels, have a long experience in managing to make their customers satisfied with their event.

We listen carefully to your needs, and offer you our best selves.

With responsibility and consistency, we undertake catering, at the event venue, to hold your corporate event, conference, or reception.

Collaborating venue

foundation of the hellenic world

The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) has as its main purpose the contribution to the dissemination of the Greek culture and the Greek history.

Darling On Wheels collaborates with "Hellenic World" , undertaking catering for all kinds of events organized at the Cultural Center.

Darling On Wheels collaborates with "Hellenic World", undertaking catering for all kinds of events organized at the Cultural Center.

Collaborating venue

Spyros Loverdos Foundation

The Spyros Loverdos Foundation Library –a unique historical, architectural and cultural landmark building of the ‘30s designed by the great philhellene Ernest Ziller- is revived, reborn and has reopened as an aesthete and eclectic events venue, to host any private, social or cultural event! In this magic place, that extends in an area of over 700m2 , you can find magnificent and elaborate wood carvings, a private chapel, rare antiques and colorful iconic design items, crystals and chandeliers. The building is surrounded by the outstanding 3-acre botanical gardens of Kifissia with all kinds of Mediterranean plants. The place exudes an old money atmosphere in the center of the elegant suburb that is absolutely current and up-to-date.

Collaborating venue

Hellenic Bicycle Museum

Meet one of the special event venues that Darling on Wheels collaborates with!
The Hellenic Bicycle Museum is located in Afidnes, just half an hour from the center of Athens. The building, once a warehouse of OSE, which dates from the beginning of the 20th century, has been operating as a museum since 2014 and takes us on a journey through history and the past.
The stone walls, the wooden roof that are beautifully combined with the geometry and the metal of the old bicycles, create a magical image, ideal to embrace your personal moments.
The fireplace in winter warms the atmosphere more, while in summer the coolness of the area creates the conditions for outdoor events in the courtyard, overlooking the Station and the green nature.
Contact us to book an appointment.

Elegance and quality

Our menu

Our menu options can excite you whether it is a reception or a seated lunch and dinner. We always use the freshest and purest ingredients to create delicious dishes that will excite you!

  • Spansih Sangria with fresh fruits
  • Fruit punch (alcohol free)
  • peach Bellini
  • Raspberry Prosecco cocktail.
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Lemonade - sour cherry juice
  • Vegetables sticks with parsley dip
  • Variety of olives with aromatic olive oil
  • Parmesan with dried fruit
  • Nachos with guacamole dip
  • Bruschetta with wholegrain bread and Black Angus smoked beef carpaccio
  • Bruschetta with wholegrain bread, eggplant salad and apaki of Crete
  • Bruschetta with prosciutto and parmesan
  • Prosciutto nest with parmesan and lemon zest
  • Mini crepes with smoked salmon ice-berg & yogurt cream
  • Tortilla rolls with chicken, iceberg and cream cheese
  • Chicken tortillas, with colorful peppers and guacamole sauce
  • French fries stuffed with sour cream and brik
  • Baby potatoes with cheese mousse and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Shrimp dish with coriander and lemon zest (in a teaspoon)
  • Tomato - mozzarella sticks served with pesto dip
  • Parmesan with dried fruit
  • Fried cheese balls with sunflower seeds and sesame
  • Small tart with smoked eggplant & Kefalonia feta
  • Small tart with chicken mousse and mango chutney
  • Tart with tuna salad
  • Tart with Roquefort mousse
  • Tart with guacamole and shrimp
  • Baby potatoes with cheese mousse and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Sandwiches with cream cheese and turkey,Roquefort, chicken and tuna salad
  • Mini croissants with ham-cheese or with smoked turkey and cream cheese
  • Breaded crab with tartar sauce
  • Spring rolls with vegetables and sweet-sour sauce
  • Spring rolls with vegetables and chicken
  • Samosa pies with vegetables and curry
  • Won Ton with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce
  • Won Ton with Chicken & mango chutney sauce
  • Won Ton with shrimp and tergaki sauce
  • Rolls with bacon and cheese and yogurt sauce with lemon
  • Rolls with feta & sun-dried tomatoes and olive dip pate
  • Rolls with feta and aromatic herbs and parsley dip
  • Cheese croquettes with cocktail sauce
  • Spinach cheese croquettes with feta mousse
  • Croquettes with zucchini and feta cheese and olive dip pate
  • Croquettes with mushrooms and cheese with mustard honey sauce
  • Pies with sausage and chilly
  • Kourou pies with chicken, mushrooms and cheese
  • Eggplant patties with bacon and basil
  • Mozzarella sticks with barnacle sauce
  • Feta sticks with olive dip pate
  • Marinated beef meatball wrapped in grilled zucchini
  • Mini sticks teriyaki chicken
  • Mini bruschetta with sautéed pear, blue cheese & crispy prosciutto
  • Mini cheese burgers with bbq sauce
  • Mini Hot dogs with ketchup or mustard
  • Roasted corn with chili & querso cheese
  • Beef burgers with pita
  • Turkey burgers
  • Mini kebab with pita
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Pork schnitzels
  • Mini sticks teriyaki chicken
  • Chicken sticks with pita
  • Pork Sticks with peppers and bbq sauce
  • Pork belly slices with bbq sauce
  • Spare ribs χοιρινά με bbq sauce
  • Angus Chuck roll 12 months old, simmered with smoke and herbs
    for 6 hours, cut in slides
  • Served on a bruschetta and comes with 3 sauces: White truffle - smoked Kansas - creamy
  • Pork tenderloins with commandaria and mastic
  • Croquettes with cheese substitute
  • Meatballs meat free
  • Mini stick meatballs - potato
  • Nuggets chicken free
  • Potato salad with crispy bacon & mayo dressing
  • Grilled vegetables with balsamic sauce and olive oil
  • Cool marinated salmon with chopped cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs
  • Marinated cherry tomatoes with capers, oxymel, cucumber and feta mousse
  • Tabouleh salad with shrimp brood
  • Caesars salad with chicken, bacon and parmesan
  • Baked baby potatoes flavored with rosemary
  • Cheese pie with rustic sheet
  • Spinach pie with rustic leaf
  • baby pizza ham,bacon and pepper
  • Crepes with pork shoulder slice and emmental
  • Mince cannelloni
  • Mini tart quiche lorraine with bacon and cheese
  • Mini tart quiche lorraine spinach,cheese
  • Parmesan risotto with porcini and truffle oil
  • Penne with minced meat and cheddar
  • rotini pasta carbonara
  • Spanish Paelia
  • Plateau with traditional greek cheeses
  • Plateau with Proscuitto Parma, Bresaula, Foue France, Salami D’Ardenne
  • Served with breadsticks, small rusks and dried fruit
  • Strawberry-chocolate,cookies&cream mousse shots
  • Chocolate mousse and lemon cream
  • Ice cream vanilla - chocolate - strawberry on cone
  • Fresh seasonal fruits
  • Donuts with honey and hot chocolate
  • Mexican Churros με spicy chocolate
  • Soft drinks,juice,water in bottle
  • Beers
  • White&red wine

Our Catering service provides:

  • Glasses and Bange setting for the preparation of the menu and all the necessary equipment to serve your guests.

For your event we calculate: 1 Waiter / 30 people

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They said about us

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