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Darling on Wheels Food Truck can go every you want and give a special concept to your event! The ideal choice for live cooking and quality comfort food!



Beach wedding, reception at your home or garden?You found the wedding venue and you can’t find quality catering?Create the ultimate wedding concept by having a mobile restaurant bar ,inspired by the 20s!



Darling on Wheels, comes to the churchyard of the church you've chosen and cooks live ,tasty finger food for everyone!

εταιρικα events

Corporate events

If classic buffet choices seem boring to you,our alternative menus will give your guests a new delicious experience!


birthday party

Impressive finger food and street food menus for unforgettable parties in the yard of your house, warehouse, garage, beach or any other place you choose to celebrate your birthday!

παιδικα παρτυ

childrern's birthday party

Burger, pizza, potatoes and many more warm and cold menus that children will absolutely love,freshly cooked with the best ingredients.Unique birthday parties by Darling on Wheels!


grand openings

We come to your store, warehouse, parking or even your sidewalk ,we park and cook for your guests warm gourmet finger food.

Why us

Why Darling on Wheels is the best choice?

  • Ideal for reception or party in your yard
  • Perfect for a beach wedding party,in case you have your wedding in a Greek island.
  • Quality catering services for your wedding reception,at a venue or estate of your choice
  • Casual treats for your guests ,at the church where you hold your wedding or baptism.
  • Valuable and low price catering service.
  • Not the typical buffet choices
  • Gives a vintage concept to your wedding reception.
  • Ideal for a street food party.
  • Food Truck that can offer welcome or after treats at your wedding.
  • Gourmet dishes

Diamond Venue

The DIAMOND Estate, an ideal choice for social and business events, next to the banks of the Helidonous stream, in Nea Kifissia. Wonderful but also romantic space with lush vegetation and country air.


Alexandratou Venue

Meet one of the venues that Darling on Wheels collaborates with! Alexandratou venue is one of the most impressive places in Attica for weddings, baptisms, but also corporate events. Contact us to book an acquaintance appointment. 



Ktima Aristi, a small oasis in the urban landscape of Athens,created by people who have a love for nature. The enchanting landscape of Ktima Aristi can host any type of social or corporate event.


Spyros Loverdos Foundation

The Spyros Loverdos Foundation Library –a unique historical, architectural and cultural landmark building of the ‘30s designed by the great philhellene Ernest Ziller- is revived, reborn and has reopened as an aesthete and eclectic events venue, to host any private, social or cultural event! In this magic place, that extends in an area of over 700m2 , you can find magnificent and elaborate wood carvings, a private chapel, rare antiques and colorful iconic design items, crystals and chandeliers. The building is surrounded by the outstanding 3-acre botanical gardens of Kifissia with all kinds of Mediterranean plants. The place exudes an old money atmosphere in the center of the elegant suburb that is absolutely current and up-to-date.


Hellenic Bicycle Museum

Meet one of the special event venues that Darling on Wheels collaborates with!
The Hellenic Bicycle Museum is located in Afidnes, just half an hour from the center of Athens. The building, once a warehouse of OSE, which dates from the beginning of the 20th century, has been operating as a museum since 2014 and takes us on a journey through history and the past.



The Ariadni estate is located in Varybompi and is a green area of special aesthetics, which can host any kind of social event, such as wedding receptions, baptisms, parties, as well as professional - corporate events.

It is a place of natural beauty that combines greenery, stone and the liquid element, all in perfect harmony with each other.


Happy customers







Before and after


Darling on Wheels comes to the place you have booked for your wedding or baptism and offers Welcome or After treats to your guests 

Darling Before 

Welcome your guests to your event with freshly cooked and delicious finger food

Darling After 

At the end of your party, Darling on Wheels, cooks the best spaghetti or delicious hot dogs, to end the night happily!

What we do

Mobile Restaurant Bar

Darling on Wheels is a multi-tool for catering . A food truck in the form of a mobile restaurant, that can give a special concept to your wedding or any other event.
Having the philosophy of live cooking and non stop cooking, we create impressive menus inspired by world cuisine, gourmet street food flavors and unique finger food.
For those who are tired of typical buffets and want to offer something different to their guests, Darling on Wheels is the perfect choice!

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They said about us

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