You plan your wedding and you are looking for a reliable and quality catering? Want to have a beach wedding and want to get a different dining experience for you and your guests? You have a summer house or large garden and plan to have your wedding party there? Have you found the right venue and you are looking for an alternative catering? Add a theme to your wedding reception with a mobile restaurant bar, inspired by the retro decade of the 20s! Darling on Wheels, is an alternative elegant canteen, which came to change the way of catering services.



You found the church for the baptism and want to offer a delicious treat in the churchyard? Darling on Wheels is the perfect choice for you! We believe that finger food should not be ordinary, so we create impressive dishes that anyone will love. Darling on Wheels food truck arrives and parks 2 hours before the baptism starts at the churchyard, and our chef immediately starts cooking, so that all the dishes are ready for your guests, as soon as the ceremony is over . Remember: with Darling, food never ends! We do not stop cooking, only when your guests are completely full!


Corporate Events

You have the space and want a quality catering to take care of the menu of your event? You want to attract the attention and offer your clients a different dining experience? If classic buffets look boring to you, Darling on Wheels offers an alternative catering experience. With retro aesthetics and a menu that stands out, we offer a quality,tasty result at a low cost.

Happy co-workers celebrating while company party and corporate event
A portrait of multigeneration family with presents on a indoor birthday party.

birthday party

Organize the most memorable celebration in the garden of your home with Darling on Wheels. Delicious finger food that perfectly replaces a normal seated menu, in a street food aesthetic that will make the party at your garden, warehouse,garage,the beach or any other place you chose to celebrate unforgettable!


Children's birthday party

Children's menu for warm and cold dishes, loved by children,cooked live with the most fresh and healthiest ingredients. Organize a children's party that will be unforgettable for your child and his friends, with a food truck on his favorite beach, or at the garden of your home. Mini Burger, potatoes and fantastic flavors that everyone will love . Also organize the farewell party for the students of your tutoring institution, or a carnival party with a theme of the orient express of Darling on Wheels!

Happy young boy and little girl at birthday party
Ribbon cutting ceremony

Grand Openings

Your business start-up deserves an impressive taste experience. With ideal finger food menus and carefully selected wines, Darling on Wheels comes to your place, your warehouse, your parking lot or your sidewalk, parks and cooks for your guests at the opening of your new business or new store.

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