Alexandratou Venue

The Alexandratou venue is one of the most impressive venues in Attica. It has a lovely lush garden with a large area of ​​well-kept green lawn and is surrounded by clusters of trees that offer protection from the wind and bad weather conditions, while offering privacy. The center of the estate features a heart-shaped pool. 

Alexandratou venue can host any kind of reception, such as weddings, baptisms, but also corporate events and political gatherings. 

Darling on Wheels collaborates with the Alexandratou venue. Contact us to get an appointment with the people in charge of the venue to visit the venue and learn about the services!


Ktima Aristi is a welcoming place for people of all ages and offers an alternative experience,placed in the heart of Halandri. During the hot summer days in Athens, our Estate functions as a source of coolness with plenty of space for play and relaxation in the harmony of nature. On icy winter days, our space turns into an enclosed and heated landscape ideal to accommodate your guests.

The experienced and specialized team of Ktima Aristi, can plan and organize a green special experience that will remain unforgettable whether it is a special children's party, a unique corporate event,or a children's summer camp that focuses on contact with nature and art.

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