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Darling on Wheels is a sophisticated canteen that joins Gourmet quality and comfort food for everyone's favorite dishes. For those of you who are tired of usual pre-buffets and want to offer something different to your guests, Darling on Wheels, is the best, economical solution. Our company has taken care of thousands of events till today and possesses one of the most reliable caterings , on 4 wheels.We offer plenty of fresh and delicious food and drinks,and many unique and alternative menu suggestions for weddings and baptism.



We have the philosophy of Live Cooking. Darling on Wheels food truck arrives, parks and gets to work immediately! Our Chefs and experienced staff cook the entire menu live. You and your guests enjoy freshly cooked and delicious dishes, in a different reception atmosphere. Our services are offered everywhere: in the churchyard, at a wedding in a house or rented villa, on the venue, at a wedding on the beach, in a large warehouse or even on the sidewalk. We cook for weddings, openings, corporate events and baptisms , live at the place of your choice. Within 2 hours we are ready to serve your guests!



What's the thing we love about canteens?Easy,fast,delicious and low price food,that never ends!Darling on Wheels is a sophisticated canteen,a street food catering based on the philosophy of live cooking and non-stop cooking,with a... gourmet twist.We have an energy autonomous fully equipped kitchen, with a built-in buffet. Our food truck comes to your event to give a serve and at the same time give a special concept to your reception or party. Our chefs bake, fry and cook dishes and finger food of your choice uninterruptedly, until everyone is really...full. Because with Darling on Wheels, food never ends!

about us

Our history

Darling On Wheels was created by two best friends, with a lot of appetite and love for catering and event planning.

Anestis Nikolelis with long experience in the field of flavors and catering, having done innumerable wedding buffets in his CV and his high school classmate, Markos Panettas, business entrepreneur in the magical field of wine industry, having distributed millions of bottles of wine, joined their forces , to create something unique.

They invented Darling on Wheels,a sophisticated canteen based on street food catering,with a gourmet twist! The Restaurant Bar, that is hidden beneath Darling's Food Truck, creates comfort dishes, delicious surprises and has one of the best wine cellars in Greece.

The design inspiration of the food truck comes from the Orient Express,reminding the luxurious lifestyle of another era.

how we do it


  • Built-in buffet
  • Autonomous energy fully equipped kitchen
  • Wine Cellar
  • 30-400 people
  • Service


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